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Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 11 April 2012

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 10 April 2012

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 9 April 2012

Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 6 April 2012

Pratigya is a story about a girl who live in a small town of Allahabad.Its a love story between two people who is totally different from each other.Life in Allahabad is a bit different from other city. Life in Allahabad need a bit of carefullness especially women. House,college and society are all dominated by man. Pratigya is luckier than most of other girls because she born in a very educated family where her father doesn’t give less important to his daughter than his son. She had been given all the privileges as her brother had been given. Krishna is the name of the male lead role. He is completely different from Pratigya. He is an illetrate guy who give no important to education at all. Krishna’s feeling towards Pratigya is more like a wish just to acquire and win his wants. He doesn’t know the meaning of love. So the story is about this two people.
Pratigya doesn’t actually observe attention in order to attention along with Krishna. He or she doesn’t can be found on her. She’s unacquainted with the actual problems Krishna produces with regard to other people when they tend to be unkind or even additional good in order to the woman’s. Krishna along with complete correct can make Pratigya’s existence their company. Their infatuation in the direction of Pratigya doesn’t consider really miss Pratigya as well as the woman’s loved ones to understand that there’s a few man who’s following the woman’s. The household chooses to obtain Pratigya hitched quickly as well as Pratigya additionally voluntarily concurs for this.
Will they get married to each other? Will Krishna understand his love
feeling? Will Pratigya accept him?

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