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Watch all episode of Muddu Bidda in hindi online

Muddu Bidda

Muddu Bidda 26 December 2011

Muddu Bidda Dec. 23 11

Muddu Bidda Dec. 22 11

Muddu Bidda Dec. 21 11

The actual tale orbits close to the dad as well as their 2 children. This therefore occurs which among the children becomes to become irregular along with other is completely match. Dad usually rejects the actual irregular kid as well as simultaneously additional child is actually fussed over. He or she seems the requirement associated with eliminating their own irregular kid, just because he or she had been embarrassed associated with him or her. Mom experiences via countless characteristics due to the damaging emotions from the dad for the irregular kid.

Exactly what change will the actual tale consider following 2 full decades as well as that really becomes to become MUDDU BIDDA may be the piquancy from the tale. This orbits close to human being feelings as well as acts a person along with twists within it’s each and every change.

This shows you the truth that inside a loved ones the kid who’s cherished through their mother and father isn’t the actual adorable kid. However the kid that consequently enjoys their mother and father is actually real adorable kid.

View this particular loved ones melodrama together with your preferred Prabhakar as well as their Group upon each and every Mon In order to Fri 8. 00 PM HOURS.

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